Instead of Facebook

I’m off facebook.  And giving the other blog a break.  It’s personal.  Basically, i found myself pridefully watching my posts and my comments and stats and wanted only to connect.  But it was a pathological way to connect.  My expectations for myself and others were out of control.  

But.  I need a place to put my rants.  I need a place to put websites, songs, and arguments against stupid ideologies.  Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to have a place where I am a little more comfortable sharing personal beliefs.  I didn’t feel too comfortable with that with my old blog.  And I only felt marginally comfortable doing that on facebook for fear of getting sucked into a stupid ideological shouting-match.  I’ve been there folks, it isn’t pretty.  Just plain energy and time draining.  So here’s this.  


About drakesteed

Catholic husband, father of four, wine enthusiast, seeker of Truth. Music and psychology, pondering Truth and existence and the intricacies of personhood are my cup of tea.

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